Actionhead Studios Ltd.

What can we do ? Well, a lot actually...

Our work focuses on communication and providing your audience with a seamless user experience. In addition to strong visual design, our projects also take into account important details like intuitive user interface and logically organized structure. ActionHead will build and refine all these details to ensure you get exactly what you want. So leave your worries behind, and the heavy lifting to us.

Website Design and Development

Here's a quick list of what ActionHead can do for you:

  • Website design
  • Website development
  • API Integration
  • Content Management Systems
  • eCommerce
  • Maintenance
  • Blog Template Design
  • MySpace profile design
  • Web hosting

You can count on our code being structured, semantic, styled and accessible. Our sites are guaranteed to work in most modern browsers, including the following:

  • Internet Explorer 6
  • Internet Explorer 7
  • Firefox (Win / Mac)
  • Opera versions 8 and up
  • Safari (Win / Mac)

We hope you have a pretty good idea of what we're capable of. If you want to see first hand what we've done, visit our portfolio page and see for yourself.

Flash Development

Today's cutting edge web sites often use Flash to provide dynamic, multimedia content. Our staff has years of experience using Flash to create elaborate interactive animations for the Web. We've even developed professional, full featured games using ActionScript, Flash's internal scripting language. If you're looking to deliver high-impact Web content to your viewers then Flash integration might be what you're looking for.

Search Engine Optimization

SEO is often the most overlooked aspect of web site development. At ActionHead we can provide you with search engine opitimzations designed to increase traffic to your website and aid you in developing a stronger online presence. Our SEO service can be done at any point during the web development process. It can be added to an already finished site, or integrated at the time of development.

Pay Per Click Advertising

When it comes to advertising your products or webpages online you want to go with a company that has first hand experience. ActionHead is just that company. We're currently managing ad campaigns for software, games, and websites that we've developed over the past several years and we can have ads for your products and services up and running in no time flat.